Can Car ResQ break the windshield?

The window breaker can shatter the tempered glass of your vehicle’s side windows, but it is not designed to easily break laminated or plated glass as you find on your windshield and back window.

Can I take it through TSA?

Because of the blades, it is best if you travel with Car ResQ in your checked luggage.

How many Car ResQs should I buy?

First responders recommend you have at least 2 per vehicle, or up to 4 for every passenger in a regular 4-door vehicle, and more for larger vehicles like an SUV.

Where should I put it?

You can use the adhesive to easily stick Car ResQ to your dashboard, or use the loop or the arm to attach it to anything. Always have it within arm’s reach while your seatbelt is attached in the locked position.

How can this tiny tool break glass so easily?

When you push the steel against the glass, a pin is released with a spring that instantly shatters the glass.

How will I know if it works?

Car ResQ comes with a small piece of glass to test the mechanism, and it is the only car safety tool that does so.